Transversal axes

Transversal axes


TIQOM Program

The TIQOM software solution has been implemented in the framework of the UNOPS project to support the procurement of medicines and supplies for the Guatemalan Social Security Institute (IGSS), helping IGSS maintain optimal levels of supply, facilitating the efficient management of annual deliveries of medicines, supplies, and services for all IGSS hospitals at the national level.

Acerca Program

It is an Integral Program of Accompaniment to Supplier Companies in Guatemala developed to improve performance and the relationship with the suppliers that supply our associates.


Develop efficient management that will boost competitiveness and reach the potential of the supplier companies and UNOPS.


1. For supplier companies

Improved capacity of supplier companies to successfully access new business opportunities, foster sustainability, and innovation.

Strengthen the national market, in line with the sustainable development goals.

2. For IGSS, the beneficiaries

Ensure quality supply in a timely manner.

Updated list of supplier companies including quality and performance indicators.

Agility in the processes of budgetary regularization and accountability to the audit authorities and society in general.

3. For UNOPS and the AMEDIGSS project

Improved cost/quality through increased competitiveness.

Helps reduce risks by strengthening the capacities of supplier companies.

Improving the UNOPS value proposition by contributing to the objectives of the supplier companies.

Support the implementation of the gender, diversity, and inclusion perspective.

Human rights and business workshops

A program of workshops on Human Rights and Business has been developed to socialize and share experiences and good practices with supplier companies. This initiative was born through the inputs that companies provide to UNOPS in the bidding process or hiring services by filling sheets of tools such as Drive (Delivery Responsibility in Vendor Engagement), and WEP’s (Women’s Empowerment Principles). This allows UNOPS to have a map of the state of the companies and contractors, and to contribute to the growth, strengthening, or leveraging UNOPS knowledge and actions on Human Rights and business.