FEBRUARY 23, 2023

After six years, AMEDIGSS ends

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To the general population UNOPS informs that:

With the satisfaction of having met the objectives set, we inform you that, after six years, the Acquisition of Medicines and Strengthening of Capacities of the IGSS Project -AMEDIGSS- reaches its natural completion phase due to the termination of the agreement established with the Guatemalan Institute of Social Security -IGSS.

Within the framework of this agreement, we have provided technical assistance to the IGSS since 2016 in terms of procurement of medications and medical supplies. We also provided support for institutional strengthening and decentralization of specialized services aimed at optimizing the quality public health offer for the 3.2 million members of Social Security.

During this period, the IGSS, through AMEDIGSS, acquired more than 928 million doses of medications, through 25 tenders, of which two were developed under the modality of the Electronic Reverse Auction (ERA), expanding the supplier base to more than 100 companies. This contributed to the continued supply of the Social Security’s 120 medical units and achieved savings of more than USD 245 million, which were reinvested by the Institute in improving infrastructure, equipment and personnel.

In addition, the internal units of the Social Security were strengthened and more than 1,000 people trained. On the other hand, 52 girls and boys with hearing disabilities benefited with cochlear implants.

Since 2018, AMEDIGSS hired renal function replacement treatment services through transparent and efficient tenders for the implementation of infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology, incorporating qualified health personnel, with a comprehensive view of the care of patients with end-stage chronic kidney disease.

The quality of renal therapy services provided by the IGSS through the UNOPS contracts reached high international standards in 29 dialysis centers, decentralizing service and bringing treatment closer to homes for the benefit of more than 5,600 patients.

In this context, as of 28 February 2023, the Social Security will assume the acquisition of medications and medical supplies, as well as the responsibility for the provision of dialysis services contracted through the UNOPS-IGSS agreement. Since 2022, UNOPS and IGSS have coordinated efforts to ensure that the Institute continues to provide treatments for the benefit of its renal patients.

It is important to mention that UNOPS will continue to provide technical assistance to IGSS in the implementation of the 2nd phase of the Plan for the Modernization of Hospital Infrastructure through the INFRAIGSS Program until 2025.

We thank the IGSS’ rights-holders, authorities, the Board of Directors and the State of Guatemala, for allowing us to accompany them during this process in improving health services.


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