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UNOPS projects in Guatemala

UNOPS projects in Guatemala aim to provide technical assistance to Instituto Guatemalteco de Seguridad Social [Social Security Guatemalan Institute] (IGSS) in its capacity-building, management and implementation of diverse components such as the procurement of medicines, clinical supplies and the decentralization of specialized health services. Similarly, reducing the hospital infrastructure gap, the equipment of clinical units and improving the technological infrastructure of IGSS, resulting in an improvement in quality health care and coverage for 3.2 million right holders, users of the social security in Guatemala.

The following website contains information on the projects “Procurement and Strengthening of Capacities of IGSS - AMEDIGSS Project”; the program “Second Phase of Hospital Infrastructure Modernization Plan - INFRAIGSS Program” and the implemented response actions, in support of IGSS, to address the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

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Our projects are planned to fulfill our mission: To help people improve
their living conditions and to help countries for them to achieve peace and sustainable development.

Fair and Equitable Public Management

UNOPS promotes the Fair and Equitable Public Management #GPJE approach to maximize the transparency and
profitability of public spending, generating significant impacts on the use of public resources through practices that
increase efficiency, sustainable profitability, and transparency.

Innovation and Technology

Efficacy and efficiency

Private sector: Compliance and open competencies

Sustainable value

Experienced public officials

Integrity and transparency

Equality: Gender and transparency

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Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals are a global call to action to end with poverty, protect
the environment and climate of Earth, and ensure that people everywhere can enjoy
peace and prosperity. These are the goals that the UN is working on in Guatemala:

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